Our primary service is creating an environment that is specifically designed to care for children.  Achieving this goal begins with a dentist specifically educated to treat children, a staff with years of experience caring for children, and an office built to inspire a child's imagination.

A pediatric dentist has received additional training to provide complete dental services for all children from infancy through adolescence.  This training not only includes an advanced technical education but provides a wealth of experience working with and understanding children.

We are aware that some children may be anxioius or nervous when visiting the dentist.  Having a highly qualified and experienced team of staff members is a key to transitioning a child who is fearful to one who is comfortable, confident and relaxed at the dentist.

A train-themed office featuring model trains running in the waiting room, apointment card "tickets", old time maps, video games, prize machines and the latest kid's movies are just a few of our amenities to help create an atmosphere of fun and excitement.